GCSE results: Oaks Park High School student says he’s pleased mum put on the pressure

One boy at Oaks Park High School said he was now “pleased” that his mum had put so much pressure on him to revise for his exams after seeing his results.

Jafar Salami, 16, said: “I didn’t sleep because I was quite agitated about the results. I thought I was going to fail.”

He need not have worried as he got an impressive three A*s in his BTEC and a smattering of As and Bs in his GCSEs. His A in maths means he is contemplating becoming an accountant.

“I thought I wanted to be a physiotherapist but now I want to be an accountant as I have don’t well in maths,” he said. “I did lots of revision, my mum forced me to do work, I’m pleased about that now.”

The school in Oaks Park, Newbury Park got their best ever results in maths and science.

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Headteacher Steve Wilks said: “They have done well. The staff have worked really hard and the students are so well coached. There was a lot of hard work from both.”

The school had 64 percent of their students gain five A-C grades, a number which was lower than expected due to English marks.

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