Full list of candidates for Redbridge local elections

Redbridge Town Hall

Redbridge Town Hall - Credit: Archant

The full list of candidates who will be standing in the local elections has been released. View it below or visit the elections page on the Redbridge Council website.

Aldborough ward

Ruth Clark - Conservative Party

Vanessa Cole - Conservative Party

John Peter Howard - Labour Party

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Debbie Kaur-Thiara - Labour Party

Richard Mathias - Liberal Democrats

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Wes Streeting - Labour Party

Thane Thaneswaran - Conservative Party

Andy Walker - Save King George Hospital Party

Barkingside ward

Ayub Khan - Labour Party

Ashley Kissin - Conservative Party

Karen Packer - Conservative Party

Keith Prince - Conservative Party

Martin Sachs - Labour Party

Vinaya Kumari Sharma - Labour Party

Robert Whitehall - Ukip

Bridge ward

Jay Asher - Labour Party

Paul Canal - Conservative Party

Helen Angela Duffett - Liberal Democrats

John Fairley-Churchill - Conservative Party

Issy Gould - Ukip

Simon Anthony Hearn - Ukip

Shushila Patel - Labour Party

David Ian Reynolds - Green Party

Ruth Schechtman - Ukip

Robin Andrew Turbefield - Conservative Party

Angela Elizabeth Yeoman - Liberal Democrats

Baris Yerli - Labour Party

Chadwell ward

Aziz Ahmed Choudhury - Labour Party

Naren Dattani - Liberal Democrats

Kunle Olaifa - Conservative Party

Bharat Laljibhai Parmar - Conservative Party

Anne Marie Sachs - Labour Party

Kathleen Teahan - Liberal Democrats

John Charles Tyne - Green Party

Mohammed Nazim Uddin - Conservative Party

Paul Kevin Wiffen - UK Independence Now

Neil Patrick Zammett - Labour Party

Church End ward

Emma Best - Conservative Party

Beverley Lisa Brewer - Labour Party

Hugh Richard Cleaver - Liberal Democrat Focus Team

Paul Daintry - Labour Party

David Stanley Fahn - Ukip

Joel Herga - Conservative Party

Sara Kassam - Green Party

Tom McLaren - Conservative Party

Deborah Josephine Prince - Liberal Democrat Focus Team

Geoffrey Michael Seeff - Liberal Democrat Focus Team

Nicola Jane Sinclair

Kenneth Mark Turner - Labour Party

Clayhall ward

Shamshia Ali - Labour Party

Gurdial Bhamra - Labour Party

Sanjib Bhattacharjee - Labour Party

Robert Cole - Conservative Party

Ashburn Orlando Holder - Liberal Democrats

Donna Nada - Ukip

Nathan Pathmanathan - Conservative Party

Harjinder Singh - Liberal Democrats

Alan Weinberg - Conservative Party

Clementswood ward

Jahangir Ahmed - Conservative Party

Ajaz Akram - Liberal Democrats

Zahid Butt - Liberal Democrats

Wilson Chowdhry - Green Party

Helen Mary Coomb - Labour Party

Zulfiqar Hussain - Labour Party

Muhammed Javed - Labour Party

Sanjeev Kumar Patel - Liberal Democrats

Habib Rehman - Conservative Party

Javed Sheikh - Conservative Party

Cranbrook ward

Mushtaq Ahmed - Labour Party

Varinder Singh Bola - Labour Party

Mahboob Chaudhary - Conservative Party

Richard David Firmstone - Conservative Party

Susan Hamlyn - Liberal Democrats

Alan Treharne Hughes - Ukip

Ashok Kumar - Conservative Party

Laura Wilkes - Labour Party

Fairlop ward

Gary Peter Day-Smith - Ukip

Claire Frazer Hunt - Liberal Democrats

Brian Lambert - Conservative Party

Davinder Singh Nijjar - Labour Party

James Anthony Pepe - Ukip

Muhammad Raza - Labour Party

Joyce Ryan - Conservative Party

Jonathan Seymour - Ukip

Tom Sharpe - Conservative Party

Ali Younis - Labour Party

Fullwell ward

Dominic James David Black - Liberal Democrats

David Bromiley - Conservative Party

Jeevah Daniel Haran - Conservative Party

Nick Hayes - Conservative Party

Jim Kellman - Ukip

Harold William Moth - Independent

Tal Ofer - Labour Party

Baljit Kaur Panesar - Labour Party

Chris Stone - Labour Party

Goodmayes ward

Mohammed Asif - Conservative Party

Arvind Bhadresa - Conservative Party

Tariq Bin Aziz - Liberal Democrats

Bert Jones - Labour Party

Kevin Lewis Page - Green Party

Kam Rai - Labour Party

Pradip Solanki - Conservative Party

Barbara White - Labour Party

Hainault ward

Mark Aaron - Ukip

Hifzur Ali - Liberal Democrats

Roy Emmett - Labour Party

Ted Griffin - Ukip

Joe Hehir - Labour Party

Julian Peter Leppert - British Democratic Party

Melvyn Marks - Conservative Party

Melinda Ponsonby - Conservative Party

David Poole - Conserative Party

Mark Anthony Santos - Labour Party

Kenny Thomas - Ukip

Loxford ward

Shakil Warraich Ahmad - Labour Party

Mohammad Ahmed - Labour Party

Mark Charles Balcomb - Conservative Party

Saima Butt - Independent Loxford

Adnan Anwar Chaudhary - Conservative Party

Filly Maravala - Independent Loxford

Taifur Rashid - Labour Party

Michael James Speakman - Conservative Party

Virendra Tewari - Independent Loxford

Mayfield ward

Jas Athwal – Labour Party

Kaiser Chaudhary – Conservative Party

Kay Flint – Labour Party

Pauline Fynn – Conservative Party

Ayodhiya Parkash – Labour Party

Nisha Patel – Conservative Party

Pamela Ann Winborne – Liberal Democrats

Monkhams ward

David Lewis Cracknell – Liberal Democrats

Anne Marjorie Crook – Liberal Democrats

Linda Huggett – Conservative Party

Jim O’Shea – Conservative Party

David Pearce – Labour Party

Elizabeth Anne Pearce – Labour Party

Theresa Mary Reynolds – The Green Party

Michael Stark – Conservative Party

Steven Richard Warwick – Liberal Democrats

Francis John White – Labour Party

Newbury ward

Afsor Hussain – Conservative Party

Thavathuray Jeyaranjan – Labour Party

Susan Mann – Liberal Democrats

Elaine Norman – Labour Party

Zeb Quddos – Conservative Party

Dev Sharma – Labour Party

Vijay Thurairajah – Conservative Party

Roding ward

Joe Barnard – Labour Party

Sarah Blaber – Conservative Party

Ian Geoffry Bond – Liberal Democrat Focus Team

Ben Caine – Conservative Party

Gwyneth Elinor Deakins – Liberal Democrat Focus Team

Susanne Marshall – The Green Party

Mohammed Khaled Noor – Labour Party

Prema Sian – Conservative Party

Rahman Siddique – Labour Party

Michael Helmut Teahan – Liberal Democrat Focus Team

Chris Thurston – UKIP

Seven Kings ward

Mosheraf Ashraf – Conservative Party

Stuart Bellwood – Labour Party

Aceil Haddad – Conservative Party

Ali Hai – Conservative Party

Sadiq Yakub Kothia – Liberal Democrats

Bob Littlewood – Labour Party

Baldesh Kaur Nijjar – Labour Party

Gary Peter Straight – Liberal Democrats

Snaresbrook ward

David Robert Bruck – Liberal Democrats

Levent Chetinkaya – Liberal Democrats

Colin Cronin – Conservative Party

Chris Cummins – Conservative Party

Gregor John Eglin – Labour Party

Sophia Catherine Eglin – Labour Party

Deborah Naomi Fink – The Green Party

Imraan Hokam-Dahd – Labour Party

Suzanne Nolan – Conservative Party

Malcolm Swallow – Liberal Democrats

Valentines ward

Sim Chan – Conservative Party

Khayer Chowdhury – Labour Party

Ross James Hatfull – Labour Party

James Frederic Howes – Conservative Party

Farah Khanum Hussain – Labour Party

Farrukh Jamal Islam – Liberal Democrats

Shoaib Patel - Liberal Democrats

Gurdeep Sahota – The Green Party

Barrymore Ignatius Scotland – Independent

Atul Sharma – Conservative Party

Paul Ronald Wicks – Liberal Democrats

Wanstead ward

Sheila Bain – Labour Party

Richard Benjamin Clare – Liberal Democrats

Janet May Cornish – Liberal Democrats

Michelle Dunn – Conservative Party

Ashley Gunstock – The Green Party

Stuart Halstead – Conservative Party

Lawrence Mendoza – UKIP

Paul Joseph Merry – Labour Party

Mark Hamilton Nankivill – Liberal Democrats

Julius Asabgwiy Nfaku – Labour Party

Imam Uddin – Conservative Party

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