Four generations prepare for Royal Wedding party in Woodford Green

Four generations will come together to �celebrate the Royal �wedding tomorrow (Friday), against a backdrop of rows of houses draped in flags in what could possibly be Redbridge’s biggest party.

Organiser Lisa Skelt, of Kensington Drive, Woodford Green, will be celebrating Prince William and Kate �Middleton’s nuptials with more than 200 �residents, her mother Brenda �Little, and Brenda’s mother, great-grandmother Lily Drew, 91.


Residents are also taking part in a competition for the best-dressed house, with a prize of bottles of wine.

Mrs Drew said: “I �remember the Coronation in 1953, we were all out in the street, it was a fabulous day.

“I know that my grand-daughter’s party will be just as memorable, if not more.”

Mrs Skelt says she has hardly dipped into her pocket while organising the party.

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“I have only spent about �20 up to now, my secret is shopping in the Pound Shop, there are lots of bargains. My house is unmissable.

“No one has told me I am going overboard, in fact we want it to be as big as possible, it’s not often you get to party.”

Lisa said her children, aged four, �seven and nine are getting �excited.

“They keep asking ‘mummy when will we be having our party?’

“It will be something for the younger generations definitely, but us grown ups are excited for the party too.”

The party is one of 15 in the borough.