Former Coppice headteacher banned after GTC ruling denies he is racist

The former headteacher at the centre of the racist allegations has denied dishing out discriminatory abuse.

Simon Parker spoke to the Recorder to give his side of the story. When asked whether he was racist, he said: “Those allegations are appalling. I would never call someone a Muslim f*****. If I was such a racist, how come I have taught in multi-cultural schools during my teaching career, which started in 1993, and no complaints were ever made.”

He added: “I promoted a Sikh teacher to temporary assistant head just before I was suspended.

“If I was a true racist I wouldn’t have done that.”


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He also revealed that parents of children he had taught had emailed him expressing their shock over the allegations. Parents got my personal email address to tell me they didn’t believe anyone could accuse me of this.”

Mr Parker said he would appeal the General Teaching Council ruling. He claimed that he was unrepresented at the GTC hearing because he moved twice since lodging the claim and was not informed about the date of the first hearing by GTC officials.

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But the GTC said it was satisfied he had been sent the notice of proceedings.

Mr Parker, 42, now living in Lancashire, spoke about the accolades he had received during his teaching career, as vice-chairman of the Race and Culture Committee for the National Association of Head Teachers.”

He has now taken up a post at a theatre in Bacup, Lancashire but said: “I miss working with children.”

Mr Parker also asked the Recorder to clarify that he has not been banned from working with children.

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