Filming in the classroom wins school high praise

ARMED with cameras, children with special educational needs have been filming everything from boxing legend Muhammad Ali’s life to a high-energy group dance.

Their efforts bagged them high praise from organisers of a national competition.

The youngsters, from �Little Heath Foundation School, Hainault Road, Little Heath, used video cameras to express themselves and to build a sense of community at the school.

The children’s footage won a runner-up spot in Teachers TV’s Sharing Your Great Practice competition, which set schools the challenge of using video in an innovative way in the class.

The clips included:

l A class with relationship problems making a dance video, dedicated to everyone who had supported them in their lives

l An assembly presentation of vox pops filmed by the �children with staff and pupils saying what they felt was �beautiful

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l A video about Muhammad Ali with pupils acting out scenes from his life, showing his bravery despite his Parkinson’s disease.

Teacher Anne Krisman said: “Video helps the pupils to value what they do and gives them a sense of achievement.

“It has been great for recognising change and development in individuals throughout the year.

“Digital technology is a �powerful tool to enhance �community spirit and it has transformed our school.

“We are lucky to have a very talented ICT technician, Paul Catlin, who works with all of us to extend what we do through digital technology, making a real difference to our pupils’ school experience.”

The school won a flip video to use in the classroom thanks to their competition success.

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