Spiritual Life: Shariah forbids causing harm

PUBLISHED: 08:00 07 April 2018


The Prophet Muhammad PBUH has stated that “a complete and perfect Muslim is one from whose tongue and hand people are safe”.

To be a perfect Muslim it is necessary to fulfil all of the requirements of Islam. One of these is to ensure that one does not cause harm to another human being, Muslim or non-Muslim.

This is an extremely important component of the teachings of Islam.

The human race is classified as Ashraf – Ul Makhluqat (the most noble of creation) and this encompasses all human beings irrespective of their beliefs. Therefore compassion and fairness to all human beings is necessary.

The Shariah of Islam and the teachings of Muhammad, peace be upon him, go further than just affording rights to humans; they forbid causing distress and harm to other life forms too. From the largest beast to the smallest insect, each is a member of Allah’s creation and deserves consideration and compassion.

In Redbridge, we have been fortunate to have a diverse community of different faiths and non-faith who have lived peacefully and with respect. Let not some minority view upset the harmony that has been cultivated over the years.

Let’s remain united and fight any form of hatred against any community. Solidarity is the best way to counter any form of hatred and extremism.

Help others, and God will help you. Forgive others and God will forgive you. Finally, may I please request all residents who are eligible to vote in the forthcoming local elections to please exercise your right to vote.

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