Recorder letters: Goodmayes Tesco site plans

PUBLISHED: 12:30 24 November 2019

The new development in Goodmayes will be made up of 1,280 homes, a new school, village hall, commercial space and cafes. Picture: WESTON HOMES

The new development in Goodmayes will be made up of 1,280 homes, a new school, village hall, commercial space and cafes. Picture: WESTON HOMES


Letters, contributions and comments sent in from Recorder readers this week.

Tesco plan will harm community

Isha, full name and address supplied, writes:

I am a long-standing resident of Seven Kings and went to school here, all my family reside in Ilford, I feel proud to call Seven Kings my home. However, I am deeply worried and unsettled regarding this Tesco development. I have seen Ilford change gradually over the years and in some cases, Ilford has changed for the worst.

I have seen social deprivation increased, crime has increased, overcrowding within Ilford South is now a major problem, this is evidenced by residents unable to get appointments at their GP as they are oversubscribed, this is not even taking into account the residents who have not been able to register with a local GP.

Our local hospital King George is unable to cope with the number of people presenting at accident and emergency. I have firsthand witnessed this epidemic from working at King George accident and emergency department, the 8-9-hour waits, collapsing patients in the waiting area, the queue outside the doors, redirection of ambulances.

The local schools have also been severely impacted by the vast number of people coming into Ilford south, classroom overcrowding is now a regular occurrence.

This Tesco development I fear will create an unprecedented crisis within our local services.

Another serious concern is the environmental impact this development will have on the area and people's wellbeing and health.

I personally have family members who suffer from asthma, we are already living in a highly polluted area and I fear the increase of traffic, also the impact of the high-rise apartment on people's health.

With such emphasis on climate change and pollution we really need to be more conscious of how developments will positively affect the environment and this development will have a negative effect on our environment.

Road and traffic congestion are already a real problem, in particular, the Barley Lane and High Road junction.

The overall evidence presented reflects the detrimental effect this development will have on the local community and residents.

Overstetched and overpopulated

J Warwick, Ilfracombe Gardens, Chadwell Heath, writes:

Your article about the Tesco Goodmayes redevelopment is quite misleading as it gives the impression it is a positive redevelopment.

I am extremely concerned as it will do a lot of harm to the existing community which is already overstretched and overpopulated.

Firstly I am concerned about the fire risks and the dreadful impacts a fire can have on lives. Secondly it will overburden already overstretched resources in the area - medical - presently very difficult to get appointments, educational - where will new primary children go in year 7 and traffic infrastructure - already too much traffic and congestion. Thirdly there will be increased environmental issues - extra pollution as new homeowners will want vehicles increasing asthma problems, crime rates from criminals who will be attracted to the area and safety issues from the underground carparks and access to the park from the main road risking childrens' lives.

You may also want to watch:

Furthermore it will be extremely depressing and detrimental having to live amongst and in the shadows of high rise buildings and will change the dynamics of a pleasant area to live and for children to grow up in.

This is a travesty, not consultation

Peter, Eccleston Crescent, Goodmayes, writes:

With respect to your recent article (Plans for 1,280 homes) it states in that article that Tesco has had consultations with Seven Kings Residents Association, Goodmayes Residents Association, TfL, GLA and Redbridge Council.

Perhaps you would like to explain why the residents association, Reclaim Redbridge, that are acting for all the neighbours that actually overlook that site or live behind and around Barley Lane Park and will be directly affected, have not been involved in this conversation.

To my knowledge all the relevant questions we raised concerning the effect that an influx of 2,500 people will have on our neighbourhood have not been answered.

This is the same group that organised the initial petition against the development. This is the same group that stood outside Tesco store with a banner opposing the build. This is the same group that went to the shareholders meeting at their head office and stood outside in the cold with a banner trying to represent the local residents.

So they have reduced their highest block by a couple of floors , that seems to be about it. The rest is exactly the same. No change.

This is not a consultation this is a travesty. No consultation, no voice at the table, no democratic involvement.

Residents have been sold out

Sital Patel, full address supplied, writes:

I am thoroughly disgusted with the way Goodmayes Residents Association has seemingly represented the view of myself and other local residents in Goodmayes/Seven Kings with their views on favouring the Tesco/Weston Homes build.

The majority of residents are against the build based on the droves of residents who came out to the residents meeting organised by campaigners against the build.

Tesco/Weston homes has made out they are actively working with residents but as a resident of Goodmayes I have no idea who Goodmayes Residents Association are - I certainly have not been asked what I think.

This seems a way of pushing the plans through by seemingly having listened to residents when in reality this is not the case and highly misleading.

The same seems to have happened with the Seven Kings Residents Association as many residents in Seven Kings are also against the development.

The junction of the High Road, Barley Lane and Goodmayes Road is gridlocked at the best of times - it beggars belief that Tesco/Weston Homes/council are intent on pushing this through at the detriment of current residents in the area.

Pollution is at dangerous levels - this will add much more; this is against NICE guidance on building near busy roads due to detrimental affects on mental and physical health; this is against police guidance as it will increase crime and anti-social behaviour in the area; this is against the major fire safety concerns associated with high-rise buildings particularly given how grid-locked the area is because of the constant flow of traffic and also increases the pressure and demand on local amenities such as doctors surgeries and hospital beds to name but a few. Just adding a bus lane isn't going to do anything.

Whoever Goodmayes Residents Association are, they have sold out local residents - they should be ashamed of themselves as should Tesco/Weston Homes/council as they are pushing through plans but are really not listening to what residents really think!

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