Recorder letters: Fountain, KMT, bin men, poems about Papermakers Arms and High Street rats and diabetics rights

PUBLISHED: 12:00 06 May 2018

This drinking fountain in Valentines Park. Picture: ANTHONY BARCLAY

This drinking fountain in Valentines Park. Picture: ANTHONY BARCLAY

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Letters, contributions and comments sent in from Recorder readers this week.

It would be great to see fountains work

Rob Meyers, Barkingside, full address supplied, writes:

I read with interest last week’s Ilford Recorder article on the re-opening of the drinking fountains.

I came across an article at the Redbridge Central Library (March 16, 1906) giving us the origins of these fountains. It was Cllr Griggs who gave seven fountains to the town, five to Ilford.

The fountain in Barkingside is another fine example, well overdue some much needed TLC. It would be great to see them working once again.

KMT stepping stone to West End

Ken Gaunt, Greenslade Road, Barking, writes:

In the article in Ilford Recorder about the meeting debate at the Fulwell Cross Library, one candidate mentioned that high on her list of priorities is a new art complex to replace the Kenneth More Theatre.

Over its 43 years the KMT has entertained and given much pleasure to thousands of people of all nationalities and religions with top rate shows from panto, murder mysteries, musicals, plays etc at a quarter of West End prices. What would an art complex do to the community?

The KMT has helped many young actors as a stepping stone in their careers and many have gone on to more important roles, many appearing in West End productions.

Not only do many semi-professional amateur groups use the theatre but also special need schools in the borough to showcase their work.

It is a vital meeting point for families and friends to meet over a drink at its bar and see a great show.

With all the restaurants closing, apart from the cinema – which mainly attracts younger viewers – there is nothing to attract people to Ilford town centre.

Why not put money back into the KMT instead of wasting it on these pipe dreams and let the KMT carry on entertaining its many, many patrons and public of all ages with first class shows at West End standard.

May I also add the KMT has recently won the mayor’s plaque for business in 2018 as well as 2013.

We don’t want to lose any bin men

An Ilford resident, full name and address supplied, writes:

I knew something was wrong. The bin men used to arrive early on the appointed day.

Then we had to report missed collections because, apparently, our team had been sent somewhere else.

Please, will someone sort out the problem!

We need enough bin men for the whole borough. Extra rounds for the few will only increase illness and could lead to accidents.

We don’t want to lose ANY of our bin men!

I am appalled, but not surprised, at the attitude of the woman troubled by foxes.

Good quality, sturdy dustbins are for sale in Cranbrook Road. Turn left out of Ilford Station and keep walking.

Please thank our bin men for all they do.

It is sad that it is only noticed when things go wrong.

Ode to barmaid of Papermakers Arms

Stanley Rodrigues, Fulwell Avenue, Ilford, writes:

Jenny, barmaid of the Papermakers Arms, Ilford

Deserves an award we can never afford

Never complains

Does not look for gains

Loved by all

One and big or small

Reminds me of granddaughter

Better than a computer,

Credit when it’s due

So many, so few

Loved by all

The long and the short

And the tall

…. And Aunty Sue too!

Stop blame game and tackle rats

Vic Denzelman, Wanstead, full address supplied, writes:

Wanstead’s Shame

Between the High Street and the church

Stands enclosed land where birds may perch

Yet little else will venture there

For Mr Rat declines to share

Discarded food close by to eat

He’s landed on his feet

With rubbish dumped and left to rot

He rules this sad yet valued plot.

It seems all calls, for many years,

Reached only those with deafened ears

Our much-loved High Street’s blighted still

Election looming, where’s the will?

No mention how we might address

This problem in our local press.

Landowner, council, Tory cuts,

The blame game rules, just ifs and buts

We need some posters in our shops

It’s time the silly game was stopped

Enough of bluster, shrugs and such

In Wanstead we must take a stand

Unfurl the banners, march and shout

This time, united, Vermin Out!

Know your rights on diabetes

Roz Rosenblatt, head of London, Diabetes UK, writes:

Research from Diabetes UK has found that one in six (16 per cent) people with diabetes who work feel that they’ve been discriminated against by their employer because of their condition.

A lack of understanding from employers can make working with diabetes not just exhausting and stressful, but also potentially life-threatening.

Managing diabetes can involve taking medication - including injecting insulin at the right times and also testing blood glucose levels multiple times a day.

More than one third (37pc) of respondents to a survey said that living with diabetes had caused them difficulty at work, while 7pc had not told their employer that they have the condition.

A quarter (25pc) said that they would like time off work for diabetes-related appointments and flexibility to take regular breaks for testing their blood sugar or to take medication.

Missing essential health checks or not taking medication on time can lead to devastating complications, such as amputations, stroke, heart disease, kidney failure and even early death.

To find out more about your rights at work if you have diabetes or for information visit

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