A look at issues of today: Would you quit beer if it was £22 a pint?

PUBLISHED: 12:00 01 September 2018


I remember when my day said if beer ever went over £1 a pint he'd give up drinking.

I don’t know how drunk he was when he said that but it seems like he didn’t remember it when the price eventually went up.

There has been a lot of talk about our relationship with booze. TV presenter Adrian Chiles made a documentary that looked at how much he put away each week.

It left him in a difficult situation, the experts were all telling him to cut down but in making the show it means any drink he had is tax deductible.

Talks of bringing in a minimum price for alcohol are based on the assumption that the cost of drink is the thing that affects how much people get through.

If that is the case and if you want to drink less try a new drink that’s on the market.

Speedway Stout Hawaiian Special Edition is being sold by The Craft Beer Co.

It has 12per cent alcohol content, is brewed with toasted coconut flakes, vanilla beans and rare Ka’u coffee beans. Oh, and it’s £22.50 a pint.

Over a score for a single pint. That would cost me nearly £50 to get drunk. (Don’t do the maths, I’m a lightweight.)

Now I know how a northerner feels when they hear about the prices down in the south.

You might think you’d stop drinking if this became the norm but remember that’s what my father said about the £1 boundary.

Would this mean you’d still drink the same but have less money? Would Adrian Chiles have to take more work? No one wants that.

This pint is described as rich and quite alcoholic. That also sounds like the only kind of person that will want to buy one.


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