Recorder letters: Quiet Streets, Covid rules, Cllr Jas Athwal and NHS

PUBLISHED: 12:30 04 October 2020

A delivery van in Springfield Drive, which was unable to pass the barrier set up for Quiet Streets. Picture: Francesca Barclay

A delivery van in Springfield Drive, which was unable to pass the barrier set up for Quiet Streets. Picture: Francesca Barclay


Letters, contributions and comments sent in from Recorder readers this week.

Quiet Streets causing traffic jams

Francesca Barclay, Ilford, full address supplied, writes:

I am deeply concerned surrounding the impact of this new ‘Quiet Street’ scheme brought in by Redbridge Council. It appears that they have utter disregard for the welfare of the residents, especially those of a vulnerable position.

I have lived in Barkingside South all my life and I never saw the streets to be busy, which the council seem to be claiming.

Not only was the scheme put up without any diplomacy, it has caused increasing chaos and havoc upon the residents.

Community nurses have been unable to do their rounds sufficiently, meals on wheels have been unable to deliver all their dinners and several shopping deliveries have been delayed as a result of the scheme.

This especially causes a negative effect on the elderly residents of the community, who have difficulty in walking and thus rely on a car.

With regards to deliveries, during the coronavirus pandemic more people should be encouraged to use them rather than heading to the shops in order to avoid the spread of the disease. This is a concern in itself.

In addition, the council were not present at the residents’ meeting held on Wednesday, September 23 and they continue to block the emails of residents who wish to be listened to. This behaviour is very unprofessional and should not be tolerated.

Furthermore, most of the traffic has been diverted onto three main roads causing traffic jams and three accidents – one of which, I am sad to say, was fatal.

If this scheme continues it is likely to cause more problems as evidence from the past few weeks suggests.

Too many still breaking rules

Jennifer Sandrock, Ilford, full address supplied, writes:

Covid spreads because people do not comply with the rules.

I suggest Cllr Athwal visits The Exchange. Shoppers do not follow the one-way arrows or keep 2m apart. Many have no masks, and if I (politely) remind them, they ignore me.

Perhaps community leaders could help by teaching their members what to do to keep all of us safer.

No one doubted leader’s innocence

Satnam Singh, Ilford, fulll address supplied, writes:

No one in the political circle, community at large and constituents of Ilford South in particular had any doubt in the innocence and integrity of Cllr Athwal.

The suspension of Cllr Athwal on the eve of the selection husting, which he was overwhelmingly favourite to win, leaves no doubt in anyone’s minds that it was a unconstitutional political stitch-up to keep him out of the husting, as claimed by Cllr Athwal and Wes Streeting from the very beginning.

You may also want to watch:

It is absolutely clear that the Labour party machinery was fully involved in keeping Cllr Athwal away from the selection husting for the prospective parliamentary candidacy from Ilford South.

The Labour party has serious questions to answer – why it took so long for the enquiry knowing full well that Cllr Athwal was going to contest the Ilford South seat, why was the malicious allegation leaked prior to the final husting, why the party process and safeguarding practices put in place following tragic death of Carl Sergeant were not adhered to.

The very least the Labour party can do is to open a fully transparent and public enquiry and let the residents of Ilford South know why they were denied their favourite local candidate.

Finally, Mr Tanweer Khan’s call on Mr Sam Terry to vacate the seat – I would only say to Mr Khan, “the turkey is not going to vote for Christmas dinner”. The only option you have is to get your clipboard out and start a signature campaign to recall Ilford South parliamentary candidate, as it has become abundantly clear that the favourite candidate was maliciously denied the opportunity. You will have no shortage of supporters.

Show evidence of the ‘corruption’

Andy Walker, Redbridge Trade Union Party, Blythswood Road, Ilford, writes:

Last week, in this paper, Mr Khan called on Sam Tarry MP to vacate his seat.

Cllr Jas Athwal is yet to produce any evidence of the “political corruption” he alleges at his site

Why has Jas not produced the transcript of the judgment that cleared him? The parts revealing the complainant/s could be redacted and we could all know what the charge/s were and whether they were vexatious or not.

Until Jas produces the transcript, the claims of his supporters for Sam to stand down are not only baseless, but are a nasty smear which should be withdrawn.

We must protect lives and the NHS

Len Duvall OBE, London Assembly member, chair of the London Assembly Oversight Committee, writes:

It’s becoming increasingly clear that Covid-19 is going to become an even bigger issue for London over the coming days, weeks, and unfortunately months. Our city has seen an increase in people needing tests and hospital beds. Patients being admitted to ICU is also on the rise.

We must protect lives and our NHS by obeying the rules. Everyone wants our war with Covid-19 to be over but it’s far from that. We must do the right thing and protect our city and each other from this horrible disease.

Covid situation is getting worse

Cllr Peter John, chair of London Councils, writes:

With tighter restrictions being brought in across parts of the country, it is clear the situation around Covid-19 is worsening.

It is essential that all Londoners pull together and take action to keep themselves, their families and their communities safe.

We must all remember to frequently wash our hands, wear face coverings in enclosed spaces, including in shops and public transport, and to keep at least two metres apart from others wherever possible. If we have symptoms of Covid-19 we should immediately self-isolate and get tested.

We must follow the ‘rule of six’ and not meet in groups of more than six people, including people in our household or support bubble, indoors or outdoors.

It is vital London’s testing capacity is boosted so that Londoners have timely access to Covid-19 tests, as well as ensuring they self-isolate to stop transmission of the virus as soon as they have symptoms.

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