OPINION: Breaking snooze! We don’t sleep enough

PUBLISHED: 09:30 30 September 2017


A look at issues of today

How do you sleep at night? I ask that in a nice way, not in a way that implies you have done some crimes.

This week new research has found that the “catastrophic” lack of sleep in modern society is killing us.

We don’t value getting sleep. Indeed it is frowned upon, certainly during the office meetings we have.

Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan were said to survive on a few hours a night, which acts as both a reason for and against not sleeping.

I’m not surprised to find we aren’t getting enough sleep. We seem to hate it at every stage of our lives.

As babies we sleep for a few hours before waking up and crying till you get food. It really is such a perfect way to live I don’t know why we ever stop.

As children we say, “Do I have to go to bed?”

These days I can hardly imagine a situation where I wouldn’t want sleep but back then the pull of playing with Subbuteo was simply too much.

As a teenager you start to stay up late and pay for it the next morning when you have to get up for school. As a result you get grumpy and surly, but you’re a teenager so everyone thinks it’s normal.

In your twenties you go out partying into the night before getting up and going to work. Being at work is bad enough but being at work with a hangover is torture.

Later in life you are up all night with a baby who wakes up to cry for food before you have to get up and go about your day.

And when you finally get old enough that you can have a rest for the some reason you don’t need as much sleep as you used to. Typical.

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