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PUBLISHED: 12:00 21 October 2017


On judgement day we’ll just take photos

This week the sky turned red. Maybe it says something about my view on life that my immediate thought was that it was the end of days.

Spoiler alert: It wasn’t, we all survived.

They say it was dust. I’m not sure I believe that. Before I had a cleaner I lived with lots of dust and nothing ever looked red.

It was interesting to see that life carried on. It was like a drill for judgement day. Based on this week if the skies ever get scorched people will react normally.

You could see people stopping to take photos of what looked to be our dying Sun but that’s normal behaviour these days. People photograph everything. They photograph their food before they eat it.

Back in the day we thought holiday snaps were dull to sit through, these days we are expected to look at the food our friends eat without getting to taste it.

As people took their pictures I overheard a couple talking about the strange sky effect. I heard a guy explain to his friend that it was caused by Saharan dust.

His friend said: “Where did all this Saharan dust come from?”

I’m no doctor but I’d guess it was the Sahara.

A selfie with a red sky is even better as it’s like the whole world has a filter. I mean an Instagram filter, not a Snapchat one.

If everyone looked like they had dogs’ ears I’d think, “I must be hallucinating. What did I eat?”

Fortunately I can check what I had to eat by looking at my social media.

From the results of the apocalypse drill it’s good to know there won’t be panic on the streets, there will be masses of people photographing the end of days for posterity. All five minutes of it.

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