A look at issues of today: Why China’s leader just can’t bear Pooh!

PUBLISHED: 12:01 11 August 2018


I was shocked this week when I read the headline, “China Bans Pooh”.

I was about to rant on my Twitter account about the cruel and oppressive authoritarian dictatorship nation and then I realised they meant Winnie The Pooh.

Even that is harsh. Why ban Winnie the Pooh? Of all the cartoon characters he’s not the most rebellious.

Paddington, comes in from Peru, illegal immigrant, and just moves in with a family in London. That is a narrative governments might want to quash, but not Winnie.

I suppose he walks around with what is basically a crop top on his torso and absolutely nothing on the lower half.

That will upset some authoritarian regimes.

That will also upset people on the bus, which is why I have to drive everywhere these days.

There is another theory. Winnie the Pooh is censored in China because people keep saying the country’s president, Xi Jinping looks like Winnie.

They mean facially, not in terms of the same clothing.

People said Xi and Pooh shared similar faces, similar round bellies and a shared fondness for destroying the studios of politically active painters.

That was one of my childhood favourites.

“Once upon a time there was a little bear called Winnie The Pooh. He went to see his friend Eeyore who was sad because of the systemic corruption in the communist regime. So Winnie had him locked away.”

I think that’s how it went.

While it seems unfair to Winnie this might actually be good news.

Donald Trump is fighting a trade war with China because they are becoming an economic powerhouse, but if China is worried about being taken down by a “bear of very little brain”, maybe Trump is the right man for the job.

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