A look at issues of today: Most powerful man in the US met... Donald Trump

PUBLISHED: 12:00 21 July 2018 | UPDATED: 14:05 21 July 2018


Donald Trump is good at doing his world tour. He met Kim Jong un, Theresa May and Vladimir Putin.

Two of them are ruthless leaders who refuse to listen to their people and the other is...

You can see what I was going to do there. But it’s been an interesting meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. One is a mad dictator, who is power crazy and the other...

I’m sorry, I can’t help doing that.

The most powerful man in the United States of America met... Donald Trump. Ha, even I didn’t see that one coming.

Both Putin and Trump reiterated that they didn’t collude together over the presidential election, which is great. It either means they didn’t, or they colluded again to say that.

It feels strange to see the leader of America get on better with the leader of Russia than the leader of the UK. Are we going to end up cast at the bad guys in all Hollywood films in the future? We have the right accent for it.

Vladimir Putin has denied that Russia has a secret stash of “compromising material” on Donald Trump. There are claims that there’s a film of Trump doing something rather unsavoury in a hotel room but Putin says back in 2013 he didn’t even know Trump was in Russia, so how could he have filmed him?

Was there a leak? We may never find out if there isn’t a tape.

Donald Trump says he is trying to get world peace. Sometimes in this world you have to have a meeting with someone you don’t get on with to stop things escalating to war. That’s why we have seen all of these meetings with a ruthless, maniacal leader.

You’re expecting me to say Donald Trump aren’t you?

As if I would dare, he’s the president you know.


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