Recorder letters: Save King George, Brexit, biased paper, town centre, support charity shops and protect against bullying

PUBLISHED: 10:37 05 December 2018 | UPDATED: 10:37 05 December 2018

Andy Walker and other local healthcare campaigners at Redbridge Town Hall. Picture: CATHERINE DAVISON

Andy Walker and other local healthcare campaigners at Redbridge Town Hall. Picture: CATHERINE DAVISON

Catherine Davison/Archant

Letters, contributions and comments sent in from Recorder readers this week.

Council must support A&E campaign

Andy Walker, Blythswood Road, Ilford, writes:

Cllr Athwal has refused to display a banner advertising a Save King George A&E meeting on November 25.

His reasons given at a cabinet meeting are: “It misleads people into believing that it is going to achieve something.

“It misleads the potential doctors and nurses who may want to get a job at A&E or at King George Hospital to believe if there is such a threat I need to go elsewhere.”

Cllr Athwal’s decision is all the more baffling given that Redbridge Labour gave their support to two Save King George meetings in 2017 and displayed banners at the Town Hall.

MPs wrong to vote against PM

Randhir Singh Bains, Shere Road, Gants Hill, writes:

Wes Streeting informs us (View from the House, November 22) that he will be opposing Theresa May’s Brexit deal because, according to him, “Brexit is not the right way forward”.

Has it ever occurred to him that 53 per cent of his constituents voted to leave the EU; and that any opposition to the deal on his part would most certainly be interpreted as ignoring the will of his constituents?

Moreover, it is now pretty clear that neither the EU nor the UK has any Plan B, as both Theresa May and Donald Tusk have persistently reiterated that they have no intention of entertaining any notion of a second referendum or a new election.

The only deal in town, according to them, is the one which the prime minister has negotiated with the EU.

If this deal is rejected, Britain would end up with no choice other than to crash out of the European Union, possibly with dire consequences.

I live in Ilford North. It is a shame that our MP, not only has so far shown no respect for the will of his constituents; he has also shown no qualm over Britain ending with no deal Brexit.

Paper must hold council to account

Gwyneth Deakins, Wynndale Road, South Woodford, writes:

Are you going to rename the Recorder ‘The Jas Athwal Express’? You might as well.

The November 29 (Wanstead &Woodford) edition quotes Cllr Athwal on pages 4, 6 (twice), 9, 12, 22 and 24 (plus photo!).

A couple of weeks ago he was on pages 6, 7, 8, 12 and 13.

And strangely enough they are only the ‘good news’ stories with the awkwardly bad and unpopular items left for an anonymous council spokesperson to respond.

Unless either you are prepared to hold Cllr Athwal to account for the bad news, and/or his cabinet colleagues have got the gumption to speak up for themselves, you are in danger of appearing as nothing more than a propaganda rag for the council leader and his Labour party.

Town centre too developed already

Mr A Still, York Road, Ilford, writes:

Regarding the Bodgers tower, the Sainsbury’s tower and the old Recorder tower – it will be a human jungle in Ilford.

The streets are clogged up now. The town centre will be uninhabitable.

I love the line where the boss of ‘Access Self Storage’ says “Hand on heart, we are not looking to turn a quick profit”.

How nice of them.

They of course don’t have to live in this lawless mess.

Support local charity shops this Christmas

Andrew Vale, director of Mind Retail, writes:

Our shops rely on the generosity of the community, which is why in the lead up to Christmas, we are asking local residents to give what they can to their local Mind shop.

I am calling on readers to donate their previously loved items such as; winter coats, jumpers, hats, and scarfs.

New books are welcome too and will make great Christmas gifts.

The average bag of items donated to Mind’s shops is worth around £30.

That is £30 that will help to fund the charity’s vital work, such as our confidential Infoline, which provides information and advice, and the campaigning work we do to secure a better deal for the one in four of us who experience a mental health problem every year.

For some people with mental health problems the Christmas period can be a particularly difficult time.

I urge readers to donate what they no longer need so we can be there for people, not only throughout the festive season, but whenever they need us most.

With your support, we can help secure a better life for everyone experiencing a mental health problem.

For you nearest shop go to:

What parents need to know about bullying

Lauren Seager-Smith, CEO, Kidscape, writes:

Following the recent spate of news coverage about bullying in schools, parents, carers and grandparents may be keen to know more about what they can do to keep their child safe. Here is some advice on action you can take if you are worried about bullying:

• Talk to your child about bullying: bullying is any behaviour that is repeated, intended to hurt and where it is hard for the person on the receiving end to defend themselves.

• Know your rights: All schools have a legal duty to keep children safe and to prevent bullying and harassment. Most schools will have a stand alone anti-bullying policy, or will reference bullying in the behaviour policy. By law they must provide you with a copy.

• Don’t encourage your child to retaliate. While it is vital that children are supported to be assertive and to handle conflict, it is not fair or safe to encourage a child to ‘hit back’.

• Take further action where necessary. Every school will have a complaints policy. If you have followed the complaints process and the bullying still hasn’t stopped, seek further support (eg Department for Education if in England, your local MP).

• Get help. We work with families every day that are going through a bullying situation. We know it is deeply upsetting but there is hope. Kidscape is the UK’s longest running anti-bullying charity and is here to help children and families.

Please visit our website for further advice, or contact our Parent Advice Line

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