Recorder letters: Developers buying, fur-free market, People's Vote and Dementia care

PUBLISHED: 12:00 16 December 2018

Property is being bought by developers. Picture: PA

Property is being bought by developers. Picture: PA

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Letters, contributions and comments sent in from Recorder readers this week.

Lease of my home sold to developers

Mr A Still, York Road, Ilford, writes:

I’m worried about the Labour council like Gwyneth Deakins.

I live in an old house divided into four flats, quite modest ones. I bought mine, on leasehold, in 1950 after looking after my invalided parents from the age of seven (when the blitz started), until I was 50.

I had to leave the tatty flat we were in when my mother finally died of vascular dementia.

Don’t get me wrong, my folks were great, my dad was shot-up badly in World War I. It was an honour to care for them. When they were both gone, I was to told to leave the E11 flat.

I put on life savings of £6,500 down as a deposit on this flat near my work at Harrison Gibson.

I cleared a 25-year mortgage in 14 years by only buying essentials.

Now the lease of this old house has been sold to developers. I’m told my loft area has been sold and I’m going to have a flat built above my head.

I’m told these people have council connections and can get any planning application they want because of this connection. I’ve written to people who might be able to help but feel helpless.

How can money men just move in and almost destroy someone’s life?

I’m 85, why can’t they just wait? Has anyone else come up against this sort of threat? I hoped to live out the rest of my life in peace.

I’ve been offered money to move but it doesn’t really help me, property is so dear and this flat is on top of my doctor and all the shops I use.

Support fur-free market in borough

Barbara White, Gants Hill, writes:

I read the letter by Gwyneth Deakins (last week’s Recorder) with great interest.

It is lovely to read good news stories but readers also need to know the other side of the coin.

The good news stories jump out at you but care and concern is required to find out in what is happening in other areas. Ten homeless people dead on the streets, food banks etc should all be fully reported upon.

The people with small voices are the ones I look out for and that, of course, includes the animals.

There is now a star rating for local authorities’ response to selling fur in their markets.

Market stalls are now a significant way in which real fur is being sold in the UK.

An authority which allows the sale of fur and has no policy receives no stars. To the best of my knowledge Redbridge falls into this category. A strong anti fur policy results in five stars.

We know the horror of animals killed after short miserable lives in small wire mesh battery cages. To preserve the pelts some animals are also skinned alive.

Please support the Fur Free Market Campaign Redbridge and let people see that you do care about things other than flagship events.

A people’s vote is the only answer

Richard Newcombe, chairman, London4Europe and Waltham Forest European Movement, writes:

Mr Randhir Bains is surprised that Wes Streeting MP is not supporting the prime minister’s Brexit Plan (Your Opinion).

Both the options of Mrs May’s deal and no deal we now know will make the country and many of the constituents of Ilford North a lot poorer.

As Theresa May stood in the House of Commons explaining her negotiated deal to MPs, the Chancellor Phillip Hammond at her shoulder knew the cost of her deal and no deal.

Has ever a government recommended a country to become poorer?

Has ever a government, with a no deal possibility, let the nation slide into chaos with stockpiling, possible food and medicine shortages?

Has ever a government recommended a country to reduce the opportunity for young people in the future for generations?

Has ever a government cut us off from the wealthiest trading block in the world?

How can Wes Streeting support either of these two options when he always has the well being of the people of Ilford North at heart.

No wonder countries around the world are amazed at what is happening to us!

Both options will extend austerity which is decimating our social fabric with cuts in police numbers, youth service, libraries, NHS, squeezing of local authorities who provide so many services that are now under threat.

Even Jacob Rees-Mogg, a Leave campaigner, has admitted a Brexit benefit may not be seen for 50 years!

There are so many reasons for MPs to vote down both these options and choose a People’s Vote with Remain as one of the choices.

We now know the magnitude of the cliff edge we could fall over, Mr Bains. Let the people decide in a People’s Vote.

Help us to Fix Dementia Care

Linda O’Sullivan, head of London Region, Alzheimer’s Society, writes:

The story at the heart of a new BBC One prime-time drama, Care, which aired Sunday evening at 9pm, is too often the stark reality for countless people at the mercy of a broken social care system.

The programme highlights the difficulty of accessing NHS Continuing Healthcare (NHS CHC) for people with dementia. The adult care package is arranged and funded solely by the NHS. This can be a lifeline, but because funding support is awarded depending on whether a person’s primary need is a health need, and dementia is classed as a social care need, NHS CHC is very hard for people affected by dementia to access.

Alzheimer’s Society has heard of people with dementia being denied NHS CHC even when they are at the last stages of their life, unable to eat, drink or move and has repeatedly called for the NHS CHC to reform.

Two thirds of people using homecare and 70per cent of people in care homes have dementia, so the social care crisis is a dementia crisis. There are 72,000 people living with dementia in London - it’s our biggest health and care challenge and unless the government takes urgent action, the system will completely collapse, abandoning people who are already desperate.

To Fix Dementia Care, the cost of extra care charges must be covered by the state with a Dementia Fund, all health and social care workers must be given the training they need to deliver quality dementia care and everyone with dementia should have a care navigator to ensure timely, preventative and integrated support. Unite with us to make change happen. Join the Fix Dementia Care campaign. Head to

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