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PUBLISHED: 12:30 17 May 2020

Arum lilies in Ron Jeffries' garden. Picture: Ron Jeffries

Arum lilies in Ron Jeffries' garden. Picture: Ron Jeffries


Letters, contributions and comments sent in from Recorder readers this week.

Closing school would be tragedy

Leah Lynch, Year 11 pupil, Anderson School, Chigwell, writes:

I feel I need to voice concerns and opinions on the school shutting.

The Anderson School has helped me to achieve things I never would have thought, the support, encouragement and effort that staff put in to help us to be the best we can be. I have never settled at any other school or placement, this is the only education place I have ever felt safe, happy and somewhere I can belong.

Many of the students would not be able to find places or will be too anxious to attend anywhere else if the school was to shut. The Anderson School is the only place that have been able to support my needs and requirements.

It would break my heart to see the school close and for me and all my friends to struggle with our mental well-being and anxieties. There is no other school like the Anderson School in the local area and I would be devastated to see so many of our lives go down-hill again due to the school closing.

I have come so far since I started at the Anderson School, before I started at this school I could not settle or feel comfortable. I had no hopes for my future or life I just took each day as it came, I never thought I would have prepared for my GCSEs and I was in a bad place with my mental health and looked at life negatively.

Since starting the Anderson School I have made plans for my future and have aspirations for my future. I also now have predicted grades of 4s and 5s. The Anderson School has helped me to become who I am and realise what I have in life.

The staff at the school are so supportive and care about all of us.

It would break my heart for the school to shut so tragically. I know there were some issues throughout the school that can and have been corrected through the hard work of the staff ensuring that us pupils are the school’s priority.

Although the school did have these issues, that is no reason for the school to be shut and for us vulnerable students to not have a place to learn and feel safe.

The school shutting would cause crisis for all of us students and our families. I am at the happiest I have been in my whole life and that is all down to the staff and their dedication to give us the right environment to learn, grow and progress in life. The Anderson School and all the staff should be so proud of what they have done for us and the effort they have put in to helping us achieve our goals and further. The school has provided me with amazing opportunities that I will probably not get again. I think by shutting the school the NAS will be doing a lot of injustice to all pupils who attend the school. The complaints and allegations made against the school by a small number of parents is a very small percentage of how the majority of parents and pupils feel attending the Anderson School.

There are not a lot of opportunities, schools and placements that will fulfil the needs of each and every individual student. The school ensures that each student is treated fairly and their needs are met individually. All staff including site maintenance, IT support, and all other staff go the extra mile to ensure we feel happy and safe in our surroundings.

I hope this may have a positive impact on public views and opinions on Anderson School.

Schoolgirl’s poem to thank NHS

Fiza Ahmed, Year 7, Teresa Ursuline Academy, Ilford, wrote a poem for the NHS:

Thank you NHS, for all that you have done

We are very sorry we didn’t listen and chose to have fun

Every night and day, we now pray

For not only peoples well beings, but YOU

YOU who put their lives at risks to save others

YOU who under stressful circumstances were able to pull us through

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Thank you NHS, for all that you have done, we are very sorry we didn’t listen and chose to have fun in the sun, while you were helping patients who had their life on the line, but the truth is you are our sunshine.

The weather changes course, the night overshadows us all, the winds change their directions but we need you to remain and give us your support, for without you we will be no more….

I pray to God you all remain safe and God cherishes you with all the happiness that remains, my heart skips to the ropes every time I think of you all, when things get tough and you feel you can’t give no more, vision the rainbows in midst of the rain because that’s what you are to us all in this pain.

Accept this poem as gratitude from us all we just want to let you know how so special you are all.

Thank You NHS

Nature can inspire us with its beauty

Ron Jeffries, Aldborough Road North, Aldborough Hatch, writes:

At this time of lockdown, when the end and return to some sort of normality seems far away, it is encouraging that nature inspires us with its beauty and serenity.

The arum lily in my garden was planted some 25 years ago by Yvonne, my late wife, with a bulb given to her by Rev Charles Karunaratna. There are twenty or so blooms so far this year and I have every belief that it will soon exceed the sixty that burst through last year.

We need to hold fast to that which is good in the certain hope that we will come through this devastating time to enjoy the wonderful world in which we live.

Delay Brexit while dealing with Covid

Richard Newcombe, chairman, Waltham Forest European Movement and London4Europe, writes:

What is all the rush?

Everyone knows that there are really difficult times ahead. We have not come out of the last recession yet. We cannot take more cuts to services. We know that our poor response to the coronavirus was because of cuts over the past 10 years in the NHS, in Local Authority services and underfunding of care homes.

Another hit will be Brexit. Cost of the divorce bill is around £39billion. Loss in revenue to losing trade with Europe will be costly. Trading links will be broken when we need every customer we can find to buy British goods and trade with us.

Why are we then rushing to end the transition on the December 31? We are in a totally different situation than even three months ago.

Let us delay our departure from the EU giving us time to get a settlement that is the best for the UK.

Let civil servants get on with getting us out of this pandemic. Clearly this government is struggling to get this under control.

A decision on extending the transition has to be made by the

end of June. Write to your MP to support an Extension and sign the petition on the European Movement website.

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