Spiritual Life: We are one people, creatures of God

PUBLISHED: 08:00 19 January 2019


Reflecting on Brexit the other day made me realize we are in a unique stage in the history of mankind.

Looking back over thousands of centuries, recorded history reveals a “conquer or be conquered” process.

Armies from various “superpowers” have marched through countries and continents, subjugating citizens and creating whole civilisations, that, in turn, were conquered themselves and the process replicated.

Next came a period of rebellion, where the subjugated gradually became independent , establishing self-determining countries, steeped in the history of previous civilisations, but now forging a new path.

Then came the links, tentatively made between these independent countries, like delicate strands of a spider’s web, reaching out to join together and, through that union, moving from delicacy to strength. International agreements, relationships, understanding, respect, and open dialogue all helped create the fragile peace that we see today.

However, we now hear the rumble of nationalism, of closing borders, of becoming insular and isolated. It creates fear and uncertainty and feels like backward steps.

Where is the voice of reason, the voice of God?

As inhabitants of this planet, we cannot escape that we are all intrinsically and historically linked.

Surely, we should not be talking about separatism, but of working closer together; pooling our resources to benefit all; joining forces to eliminate extremes of poverty. We are one people, regardless of colour, class, creed or culture, living on a small, insignificant planet in the vast universe, and, we are all creatures of God. If nothing else unites us - it should be that.

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