A look at issues of today: Irony of fat writers saying we're too fat

PUBLISHED: 12:00 22 September 2018


Most days we're told we are too fat, too lazy and we have to do something about it. And that's just from my friends.

Newspapers are often filled with nagging stories pointing out that we are the third fattest nation in Europe.

I feel sorry for whoever is at number four on the list because after Brexit they’ll move up to third even if they haven’t gained any more weight.

One way to feel better about the situation, other than losing weight because no one is going to do that, is to find news stories about people who are less healthy than you.

Good news, a new survey has found which professions are the biggest couch potatoes.

At number one, it’s estate agents.

They do only 42 minutes of exercise a day. If anyone should be slimmer it’s estate agents.

If they are large the room they are stood in will look smaller by comparison and that might affect the asking price.

Public sector workers are the next on the list, they only move for an hour a day which, if you have ever tried to get anything done that involves a public body, makes perfect sense.

Third on the list of out of shape professions is journalist. That’s right, the people who write about how fat we all are find themselves at the top of the list of people who are fat.

They spend so long writing about the obesity epidemic that they only move for one hour and four minutes a day.

They could move for more if they weren’t so busy telling us we really should move about more.

So the next time you feel bad about your fitness because of something you read in a paper remember you could be in a worse state, you could be writing in the paper, like I am.


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