Recorder letters: Brexit, Kenneth More Theatre and traffic cones

PUBLISHED: 12:30 22 September 2019

Tory MP Phillip Hammond. Pciture: YUI MOK/PA

Tory MP Phillip Hammond. Pciture: YUI MOK/PA

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Letters, contributions and comments sent in from Recorder readers this week.

We know what we voted for

Marina Vine, Ilford, full address supplied, writes:

The UK is being led down the path of anarchy by those who are using our very democracy against us to sabotage, thwart and undermine our government carrying out the business of running our country.

That a bunch of self-serving, treacherous Tory Remainers, like Phillip Hammond and his ilk, who themselves have caused the constitutional crisis by trying to overturn the will of the people, are aiding and abetting the dangerous, Trotskyite, Queen-hating Corbyn in his bid to take control of our elected government through the back door, is beyond contempt and an affront to our democracy.

We, the people, voted to leave the EU "without a deal" because (like all his predecessors' years of trying) Cameron got none, despite his campaign to "stay in a reformed EU".

How any sane rational person would want to remain in an outdated, outmoded, undemocratic, failing cartel in this fast moving technological age is beyond comprehension. If we want to protect our jobs and environment we need to rebuild the UK (of which all our industries have been stripped and decimated under the EU) not stay in to prop up this defunct bloated union which will drag us down into bankruptcy just like it has done to Greece and other EU countries.

We know what we voted for, even if the remainiacs don't!! We've had four elections in five years, and five deals that have been voted against. How many more do they want and why would they respect the outcome of any other referendum or election, when they haven't honoured the biggest vote of our lifetime.

So it's time to crash out of this stranglehold. We must not allow the contemptuous parliament to rip our constitution apart, they are supposed to work and be for the people, not run roughshod over us!

Let's have a People's vote

Richard Newcombe, chairman, London4Europe and Waltham Forest European Movement, writes:

"Why doesn't parliament carry out the will of the people?". "Leave means Leave". "Just get on with it".

These chants that so easily roll of the tongue and are being bandied around even more as we approach October 31, the next deadline agreed by the UK and EU.

But behind these words are a whole host of questions and concerns. Will the UK be poorer? Could I lose my job or business? Will there be shortages of food and medicine? Will the United Kingdom split up into individual countries? Will the "troubles" reappear in Ireland? Issues that affect every one of us and the future of our children and grandchildren.

Or will we have a wonderful future with new deals being struck across the world with the USA and others that protect our NHS, our farmers, our food standards? Will we be an outward looking nation having lost influence in Europe but listened to across the rest of the world? Or will we be little "Englanders"?

Does the EU affect our policies on education, housing, policing, social services and all those areas severely cut in the past decade of recession?

What did the EU give us and what did we really have to pay each year?

You may also want to watch:

Do opinion polls show more want us to remain in the EU than leave? Have the 52 per cent/48pc switched?

So many questions. Maybe members of parliament have spent the last three and a half years trying to answer these questions.

After all if this goes pear shaped we will quickly blame them for the fiasco they have created. So they have a lot to worry about.

But there is one way out. We know (or should know by now ) the answers to so many of these questions, much better than we did in 2016. It has been on the news continually, on the front page of newspapers, filling social media, and hopefully we have separated the misinformation and propaganda from the facts.

Let's have a People's Vote, a once and for all referendum, where we can say that the voters were completely aware of the issues and made an informed decision. This takes the pressure off the MPs because it would be a people's decision, made by the people, for the people of the UK and its future.

What is happening to our theatre?

Barbara White, Gants Hill, full address supplied, writes:

The headline in the Recorder the week before last was 'Theatre Closure Fizzled Out'. Yes it is very sad that there were no thanks or a fitting closure. Perhaps the people involved were too sad or emotional.

The fizzling out I was thinking of is what is happening to our theatre as it stands in darkness? We have been told that the theatre has been taken over by Vision but myself and other readers have asked the price of the tickets, no reply. We have also been told there will be a pantomime but when enquiring what the pantomime will be once again no reply. The investment required to keep the theatre open was very small and residents could have been enjoying shows in our theatre which is now sadly dark. What are the council doing to Ilford? Two years ago residents were given a sneak look at designs for Ilford Town Centre. A new designer has been employed and we are told that the section from the General Havelock pub to past Lynton House will not be revamped. Councillors told us there would be major street improvements.

I have also read of luxury apartments being built. They are advertising the flats for national and international buyers plus Buy To Let. How will these flats help the residents in Ilford who need a home? They are completely out of their price range.

Yes, what is happening in Ilford, is it gentrification? We have already lost the shoe repairer at Ilford Station who has served the community for many years. Never mind we can all jump in a swimming pool as they seem to be the flavour of the day!

Cone mystery

M Swallow, Clarendon Road, South Woodford, writes:

I was driving home very late from work last Friday (September 13).

I joined the slip road on to the Green Man Leytonstone roundabout from the Blackwall tunnel road just before 10pm.

There was a queue, so I assumed the Wanstead underpass was restricted. I sat on the sliproad for 40 minutes inching my way to the roundabout. When I got to it,

I thought I would see some major drama in progress, creating the disruption. I expected to see policemen clearing up an accident, but in fact it was merely cone-central with no one directing traffic, or trying to minimise the chaos.

Was there any sign of work going on, requiring such disruption? Nope!

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