A look at issues of today: Airport chaos is a sign of the times

PUBLISHED: 12:00 25 August 2018


There are two types of people in this world, those who embrace technology and those who resent it. Which do you think is right?

Looking at the chaos at Gatwick airport this week you’d think it was the technophobes who have a good point.

Due to a technical fault people had a travel nightmare. People were stressed, confused, children were crying and tourists were being annoying. And then, on top of that, the information boards broke.

They said it was due to a problem with Vodafone who provide the service for them.

This is where you think technology has gone too far. Normally we are being told we use our phones too much but Gatwick get a phone company to do their signs for them.

When I don’t have signal all that happens is the world has to make do without my sarcastic tweets. But when an airport phones it in people miss flights.

Staff had to hand-write departure boards. That sounds terrible.

Not only is it a lot of work, spelling foreign place names must be a nightmare.

There’d be a lot of planes finding themselves rerouted from Hallgrímskirkja to Rome.

I was just about to agree with the people who say, “Things were better in the old days without all these newfangled computers” till I realised, that is what they did at Gatwick, they had to revert to doing things the old way and it was a mess.

Handwriting place names is exactly what people would have done in the old days, although the place names would be the old colonial ones and that would make people feel tense these days.

So, when it comes to having hopes they we will go back to a simpler time with less reliance on computers I’m afraid the writing’s on the wall.


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