A look at issues of today: What if postie drones fall out of the sky?

PUBLISHED: 12:00 17 March 2018


Have you ever wasted a day waiting in for something to arrive?

They offer you a delivery time between 8am and 6pm. It means on the day off from work you have had to take you don’t get a lie in.

By midday, when it’s still not arrived, you realise you dare not go to the toilet in case it arrives, and you sit there regretting all those coffees you had.

All of that could be over as Amazon and Google are testing drone delivery systems in America in the coming few months.

If it works we could see things being delivered directly from the factory to our doors.

The new technology should let us know exactly when it will arrive.

They could replace the postmen and women.

It will be so strange to not see someone carrying your post while wearing shorts even in the chill of the Beast from the East.

A drone flying above won’t be as good as a postie. How will they get the machine to leave a trail of little red elastic bands everywhere?

I worry for the birds.

They have been used to having the skies to themselves but suddenly mankind wants to move in.

I am concerned that the birds are in for a similar fate to the hedgehog.

But the really worrying thing is the drone system is based on mobile phone technology.

How many times have you had a phone call just drop out for no reason even though you still have all the bars?

Having a call suddenly drop on you is annoying but having a drone drop on you will be much worse.

I have ordered a safety hat ready for when we get the drones over here.

I just need to wait for it to be delivered now.

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