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PUBLISHED: 12:00 20 January 2018


I can’t believe it’s come round again.

You can tell I wasn’t prepared for it by the obvious lack of TV diet but for the next six weeks I will not only be available on your radio most afternoons but also on your TV because The Mash Report is back Thursdays at 10pm on BBC2.

The six months that have passed since we started the first series seem like years but what has actually changed since we took to the screen satirising the news?

Back in July the news was filled with scandal about the BBC paying men more than women.

Here in January it’s still the same story. The BBC’s China editor quit because she was being paid less than men doing a similar job.

As a man working for the BBC it’s strange to know that they only pay me more because of my sex.

Tut, I’m not a piece of meat, I have a brain, I have ideas.

Last July we were worried about Donald Trump starting a nuclear war with North Korea.

Again, something we’ll still have to deal with. Now we have Donald and Kim Jong Un boasting about the size of their buttons – showing that they don’t understand how buttons work.

My Dad has a phone with really big buttons but it doesn’t make it a better phone than mine.

Back in July about half of us thought Brexit would be a disaster and half thought it would be great.

That’s about the same but these days we’re not sure which side David Davis is on.

The only thing that’s changed in the last six months is back then we thought Ant’s wife might leave him but it turns out he’s the one leaving her.

I look forward to seeing how we’ll deal with all this in the series.

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