‘Exciting time’ as Hainault synagogue plans eruv boundary

A rabbi from a synagogue in Hainault has said it is an “exciting time” after plans were submitted to erect a continual boundary, known as an eruv.

The eruv will use natural features such as railways and terraced buildings to form part of the boundary, but where this is not possible, poles with wire will be used.

Rabbi Baruch Davis, from the Chigwell & Hainault Synagogue, Limes Avenue, which submitted the application, said the boundary would be “virtually invisible”.

He explained: “An eruv in our area would not only be helpful for the growing number of elderly synagogue members, but would particularly encourage the rapidly expanding sector of young families.”

He said that the boundary is vital for some families when deciding where to live. There are more than 150 eruvim worldwide, five in Greater London, including Edgeware and Golders Green.

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Mr Davis said the eruvim were “Virtually impossible to see with the naked eye, as they are painted in inconspicuous colours, and having no physical impact whatsoever on other local residents, greatly invigorate these areas and add value beyond the Jewish community.”

The eruv would enable those who have a traditional interpretation of Shabbat to carry items such as keys and medicine as well as push wheelchairs and buggies. Carrying items on the sabbath is not allowed under Orthodox Jewish law unless within an eruv boundary.

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On the Redbridge Council website, 14 people have stated their opposition to the plan.

Mr C Abbott of Greystone Gardens, Hainault, in his written objection, said: “If I, or anybody around here decides to sell their house, this would most certainly be detrimental to the selling price.”

In response to concerns Mr Davis said: “In life there is always some opposition to anything new, so this is only to be expected.”

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