Excitement building as Goodmayes NHS worker gets ready to play part in Olympic Closing Ceremony

With the Olympics about to come to an end, one NHS worker is sworn to secrecy over her role in the Closing Ceremony.

Fran Hayward, 32, will take centre stage at the Olympic Stadium in Stratford tonight after auditioning to be part of the Games at the beginning of the year.

Miss Hayward, who works at the North East London NHS Foundation Trust, Barley Lane, Goodmayes, as a personal assistant, said she has never done anything like it before.

She said: “I really want to talk about what I will be doing on Sunday but we have been told to keep all details secret.

“I cannot wait to see peoples’ reactions on the night and there is already a real buzz ahead of the performance.”

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She added: “I will be taking part within a large group. Parts of the ceremony are absolutely fantastic and will blow people away.”

Fran, of Custom House, who has been practising for two months for the top-secret role, is glad that there will be no close family or friends in the audience as that would pile on the pressure.

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She said: “It’s not every day the Olympics come to London and I couldn’t not go for it.

“It is a great opportunity to play a small part in such a big event. I have met so many people from every walk of life you can think of.”

There are a number of staff from the trust involved in the Olympics – many took part in the NHS section of the Opening Ceremony.

These included Caroline Dawes, from the Podiatrist Service Redbridge, equality and diversity manager Harjit Bansal and social worker Tola Ogidan.

The trust also has staff working in various roles across the Games, including press operations, print distribution and event services.

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