EU health and safety rules stop collections from type of black bin in Redbridge

Redbridge bin collectors are refusing to empty rubbish from a particular type of black bin because of EU health and safety rules.

The bins, made by Strata, can no longer be tipped by refuse collectors because they are “too difficult to pick up safely”, the council said.

Seven Kings resident Darren Guy said he has used the same bin for 14 years.

Mr Guy, of Mafeking Avenue, added: “I came home on Thursday night and noticed our bin hasn’t been emptied.

“I thought it was a mistake because everyone else’s had been so I logged a missed collection message on the Redbridge Council website.

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“The next day an inspector came around to look at the bins and basically said it couldn’t be used because of health and safety.”

Mr Guy, 40, is concerned foxes will rip open bin bags if he leaves them outside of a bin overnight.

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He added: “It really annoyed me that they’ve suddenly changed the rules without telling anyone.

“It’s ridiculous because they’ve been perfectly happy picking up that bin since 1998 when we moved into the house.”

A Redbridge Council spokesman said: “The lack of handles has led to accidents where the bin has slipped from the operatives’ hands and whilst attempting to retrieve it, they have caught their hands in vehicle mechanisms.

“Despite this, some operatives have continued emptying these bins but now, due to the European health and safety at work regulations, they have been advised to stop this practice.”

But the bins can still be used if tied bags are used inside so collectors can lift rubbish out.

The spokesman added: “Although contractors cannot empty loose rubbish directly from these bins, this does not mean that residents cannot use these bins at all and help prevent animal attacks.”

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