Young children learn the secrets of ancient Egypt and the “Unlucky Mummy” during their half-term

Young children got dressed up in costume and watched a lively show which taught them the secrets of ancient Egypt during their half-term.

They visited Redbridge Central Library in Clements Road, Ilford, yesterday to see The Unlucky Mummy, a performance by storyteller John Kirk.

It is based upon an ancient Egyptian artefact, which was granted the nickname of “the unlucky mummy” in the British Museum.

The painted wooden “mummy board” or inner coffin lid has its own strange folklore attached to it.

It is said to bring misfortune and the four young English travellers who bought it in the 19th century were all said to come to untimely ends.

The show incorporated comic characters, puppetry and audience interaction and young children, including Michelle Blay, eight, and Jessica Okworu, joined in by trying on costumes.