Woodford Green pupils take part in Shakespeare production

Titania with her fairies (Left to Right); Ganga Nair, nine, Amelia Delves, 10, Tamara Chadda 10 and

Titania with her fairies (Left to Right); Ganga Nair, nine, Amelia Delves, 10, Tamara Chadda 10 and Jemima Strong, nine. - Credit: Archant

Though they be but little... they can still act in an interactive Shakespeare production.

Youngsters from Bancroft’s Prep School in High Road, Woodford Green, have been treated to an engrossing performance of the Bard’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream by the Young Shakespeare Company.

The group, which specialises in Shakespeare productions for schools, held the children’s attention for two hours and even invited them to join in with the performance.

Children were invited to act the roles of various characters as well as join in by providing atmospheric sound effects, which they did with enthusiasm, and predicting what happened next.

Year 5 pupil Cillian Bergin-Miah very nearly stole the show when he threw himself into playing “the wall,” showing fantastic comic timing.

The children were totally absorbed by the story and were “roaring with laughter at the antics of Shakespeare’s characters.”

For many of the children it was their very first experience of the playwright’s work, and when asked whether they had enjoyed the play the resounding, collective “yes” proved that the afternoon had been a big success.

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Year 5 pupil Amber Buthfer was very enthusiastic in her appreciation: “I thought that the play we watched was mind-blowing, because we were actually involved.” Her classmate Luke Melinek agreed that “the actors were amazing.”

English Co-ordinator at the School, Karen Yelverton said “It’s a great introduction to Shakespeare. They make it such fun that the pupils really understand the language and the plots of his plays.”

While year 6 teacher Liz Norris said, “I have seen the Young Shakespeare Company on several occasions and the standard is always consistently high.”

The Young Shakespeare Company performs to over 100,000 young people every year.