Redbridge students pitch idea to pay people not to litter

The team behind Waste Reductionists which wants to give people financial incentives to recycle their

The team behind Waste Reductionists which wants to give people financial incentives to recycle their rubbish. Picture: London Metropolitan University - Credit: Archant

College students hope to reduce waste by creating “smart-bins” that financially reward people for not littering.

Four enterprising students from New City College Redbridge pitched their idea called Waste Reductionists at the Big Idea Challenge last week.

Their idea is to have smart-bins where you can download an app to your phone so everytime you recycle rubbish there, the app is notified and rewards you with either money or discounts for nearby shops.

Sana Munshi, Fabeha Saleem, Maliha Ahmed and Denis Vilcu are the team behind Waste Reductionists and they hope to create a loop where people are rewarded instantly for being environmentally conscious.

They said: 'Our idea aims to clean up the littered streets of the UK by creating a new bin that offers financial incentives when it is used.

'This new smart-bin is targeted at young people to get them more involved in recycling, whilst also giving them the chance to make a little money.'

The Big Idea Challenge is organised by Accelerator, London Metropolitan University's business incubator, alongside the university's Widening Participation team.

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The competition runs in partnership with NatWest and the Prince's Trust and works closely with school and college students across London to raise awareness and interest in an entrepreneurial career.

During the Bootcamp, the students learned the ins-and-outs of setting up their own successful businesses, received advice from mentors from established businesses and successful startups and guidance on creating the perfect pitch.

The Redbridge students have the chance to progress to the finals of the competition where their idea will be judged alongside several other ideas from London-based schools and colleges with the winner being announced May 5.

The winning team will receive business mentoring from Accelerator, and will launch a website to support and promote their idea.

Simon Boot, head of Accelerator at London Met, said: 'London Met is committed to giving young people the opportunity to change their lives for the better.

'And one of the most powerful ways to do this is to give them the tools to start their own business and take their destiny into their own hands.'