Want your kids to pass their exams early? Ilford education centre claims to help

Education centre opening
(from left to right) Lucia Anandarajan ,Anthony Anandarajan, Councillor

Education centre opening (from left to right) Lucia Anandarajan ,Anthony Anandarajan, Councillor Gurdial Bhamra, Christella Anandarajan and Dillon Anandarajan - Credit: Archant

Ambitious students aiming to achieve the highest grades as early as possible are sure to be lured in by the promises of a private tuition centre which opened on Friday.

Ahead of the Class, Green Lane, Ilford opened with a guest speech from Cllr Gurdial Bhamra.

A representative of the organisation, Stafan Croos, explained the inspiration behind the idea.

Mr Croos said: “Many tuition centres don’t have any standards at all. I wasted a lot of money on tuition myself. Hopefully we can actually help.”

The major aim of the centre, which boasts three Cambridge graduates amongst its staff, is to get students to enter for their GCSEs ahead of schedule.

Mr Croos, who began tutoring at home before the centre opened said: “I have tutored people as young as 11 years old who have done GCSEs early and got A*s.

“I have a 98 per cent pass rate for those over 11. We don’t specialise in any subject; we are all-rounders”.

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Ahead of the Class accepts children aged between five and 16 and is promoting a deal for half-price tuition for the first month.

You can contact Ahead of the Class by e-mailing info@aheadoftheclass.com.

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