Want Rome in a day? Better ask this Ilford primary school

While Rome may not have been built in a day it is was certainly recreated for a day at a school in Ilford.

Students at Highlands Primary School, Highlands Gardens dressed up in Roman costumes, made pots and did sewing and baking.

Year 4 student Abutaher Mahommed said: “I feel excited because I’ve never made a pot before. I made a Roman soldier costume with a shield and sword. It’s good to have a dressing up day because you get to see what the Romans looked like.”

The Roman themed day last week allowed pupils to get a better understanding of what they have been learning about.

Fellow Year 4 student Zaynab Choudhry said: “I’m so happy to have dressing up day - it makes you feel like a real Roman. Romans invaded Britain so it’s important for us to know about it. They named Ilford too.”