‘Turbaned tornado’ Fauja Singh passes on running tips to Ilford scouts

Fauja Singh showing the beavers how it's done.

Fauja Singh showing the beavers how it's done. - Credit: Archant

Fauja Singh, thought to be the oldest marathon runner in the world, helped young Ilford scouts with a running challenge last week.

The “Tubaned Tornado” joined youngsters at the St Margarets 3rd Scouts on Monday as part of their outdoor activities badge.

Scout leader Gurmit Kaur hailed Fauja as an “inspiration” to the children. She added: “There is a 95 years age difference between Fauja and the beaver scouts but they both shared an inexhaustible thirst for knowledge and fun.

“Fauja was very curious about the church building and the activities that take place in the church.

“He is an inspiration to many around the world, showing people that age is not a barrier to enjoying outdoor activities and learning.”

The scouts asked the runner how he keeps fit and where he has run the most – in Canada, the USA, Hong Kong and Australia. He also gave them running tips after watching them race.

The Ilford Beaver Scouts meet at St Margaret’s Church, in Balfour Road, Ilford. If you would like to volunteer call 0845 3001818.