Time for rhyme – Ilford children get their faces painted and stretch their vocal chords

Ella Smyth, four, with Caroline Rudwick

Ella Smyth, four, with Caroline Rudwick - Credit: Archant

Young children got to enjoy nursery rhymes and face-painting at Gants Hill Library.

Under-fives took part in a fun “Rhyme-time” session at the library in Cranbrook Road and got to hear some favourite classic children’s stories.

And to top that, they then got to have their faces painted in a range of colourful designs.

Four-year-old Ella Smyth chose striking pinks and yellows for her go with member of staff Caroline Rudwick.

And three-year-old Sudarshan Suresh looked terrific as a tiger complete with black nose and whiskers.

For more information about events at the library, visit the libraries page at www.redbridge.gov.uk.