Study suggests Redbridge will not have enough school places

Redbridge Council said they have enough places at the moment. Picture: Ellie Hoskins

Redbridge Council said they have enough places at the moment. Picture: Ellie Hoskins - Credit: Archant

The borough will soon not have enough secondary school places to meet demand, figures suggest.

According to data compiled by Barratt London, Redbridge will need an extra 16.41per cent of places to meet the shortfall in the next few years.

The borough was only trumped to the number one spot by the London Borough of Havering, which also had a high demand for primary school places.

A Redbridge Council spokeswoman said at the moment there are “sufficient school places to meet demand”.

“This has been achieved through effective place planning and good collaboration between schools and the council, where our schools demonstrate considerable flexibility in making changes to meet any increase in demand for places,” she said.

“This joint work between the council and schools will continue to be the cornerstone of our approach to meeting any projected shortfall in places in the future.”

Redbridge has also been named as one of the top local authorities in London for achieving outstanding Ofsted results at both primary and secondary schools.

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Kensington and Chelsea have the highest number of outstanding schools at 61.5pc, but before you back your bags and look on Zoopla the average house price is £1.3 million.

Redbridge came in tenth place with a figure of 36.8pc and with an average house price of £421,641 – the cheapest on the list.

A spokeswoman for Barratt London said: “It’s a well-known fact how high the demand is for state school places in London, but our research sought to highlight the specific boroughs where demand is projected to rise the most.

“As part of our comprehensive London School Guide, we wanted to inform prospective London property buyers of everything school related and indeed the findings reveal that Havering and Redbridge have the highest projected demand for secondary state school places up to 2027.

“This is no surprise given both boroughs are fantastic places to live and start a family – Havering being the second most affordable borough for first-time buyers and Redbridge famous for being London’s ‘leafy’ suburb - both offer great prospects for setting down long-term roots.”