Seven Kings youngsters reignite Great Fire of London in school playground

The model of London ablaze

The model of London ablaze - Credit: Archant

The Great Fire of London may have been extinguished in 1666 but it was reignited on Friday at a Seven Kings school.

Only two buildings survive the blaze

Only two buildings survive the blaze - Credit: Archant

The blaze at Farnham Green Primary School, in Royal Close, razed the medieval city to the ground, sparing only two timber-framed houses.

Fortunately no one was inside the miniature houses at the time of the fire and schoolchildren were kept at a safe distance while Ilford firefighters doused the flames.

The Great Fire was recreated by year two children at the school for a history project.

Art specialist Terry Quirk painstakingly built the model city, complete with rooves, chimneys and windows before it got burned to ashes.

Teacher Lynn Beverley said: “It was good to see how the fire spread because we talked about the wind and the change in building materials.

“The children thought it was fantastic - they were very excited.”

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The Great Fire raged for four days in September 1666, destroying 13,200 houses, 87 churches, St. Paul’s Cathedral and most of the City of London.