Seven Kings teen hopes art award will inspire peace

Aiysha Sheth has won an award for an art piece she created

Aiysha Sheth has won an award for an art piece she created - Credit: Archant

A Seven Kings student has won an art competition at her new sixth form college, with a painting to inspire peace.

Aiysha Sheth, from Betchworth Road, completed the piece last year while studying for her GCSEs at Canon Palmer Catholic Academy in Aldborough Road South, Seven Kings.

After hearing about a competition at her new school, Newham Collegiate Sixth Form College, in East Ham, Aiysha asked if she could submit the painting from Canon Palmer.

The 16-year-old said she felt the subject matter of the image was even more important in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris two weeks ago.

Aiysha explained: “It was my final art piece for GCSE, it was based around the theme of together and apart and I wanted to do it on peace.

“I decided to draw a world map and add Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Malcolm X as they used peaceful methods to make a big impact on the world.”

Aiysha said she struggled to choose between Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, who were both inspirational figures in the American civil rights movement.

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She continued: “I chose Malcolm X because he changed his ways, he realised that peaceful means were the way forward.

“I love history and these three figures I really look up to.”

Aiysha decided to contrast the faces, in black and white, with the world map in blurred colours.

She said: “My teacher was amazed, she did not want me to take the art piece back.

“I want to use it to inspire other students.”

Safiya Shesh, 38, Aiysha’s mother, said she was incredibly proud of her daughter.

She said: “I do not think she realises how talented she is.

“I was shocked by the level of detail, she just brought it home one day.”

But despite Aiysha’s immense talent for art she does not even study it at sixth form college.

Aiysha added: “I am studying science and history for A-levels.

“I still do art when I have the time though.”