Schools’ pupil councillors get a taste of Ilford MP’s life

THE LITTLE faces that may shape tomorrow’s politics lit up when they met Ilford’s MPs who awarded them school council badges.

Fifteen youngsters from Fairlop Primary School in Colvin Gardens, Barkingside, were awarded the badges by Ilford North MP Lee Scott at a ceremony on Wednesday of last week.

Little councillors from years two through to six represented their classmates’ views and opinions on issues such as whether they are allowed to pour water into their own cups from jugs, or have ketchup with their dinner.

Headteacher Gail Brannan said the youngsters were amazed to meet someone who performs their role at a national level.

“We held an election in the school, much like the general election, and the children all wrote manifestos explaining what they would do if they were elected.”

Mr Scott said: “I spoke to them about what a fantastic thing they were going into, representing their school. “Who knows, maybe my future replacement is attending the school!”

Similar scenes took place at Mayespark Primary School in St Chad’s Gardens, Goodmayes, where 12 youngsters who were elected into the school council received badges presented by Ilford South MP Mike Gapes.

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Kate Estlea, assistant head and school council organiser, said the children had worked hard to get their votes.

“Some of them painted their initials on cupcakes, others got a line of followers in the playground – the important thing was they all thought of innovative ways to capture their ‘constituents’, so to speak!” “We gave them information on who Mr Gapes was before he arrived, and some of them asked questions.”

Mr Gapes said he was impressed by the pupils he presented badges to.

“The children I met that day were a credit to the school. It’s great that they have established such a successful school council.”