Redbridge teachers protest as strike affects 67 schools

Teachers protested outside Wanstead High School

Teachers protested outside Wanstead High School - Credit: Archant

Today’s teacher strike has seen 67 schools across the borough close or partially close due to the ongoing dispute between the unions and the government over pay, pensions and workloads.

A total of 25 schools closed completely and 42 partially due to staff participating in the national walkout.

Members of the Redbridge National Union of Teachers (NUT) protested outside Wanstead High School, in Redbridge Lane West, this morning, before heading to central London for a larger demonstration at 11.30am.

It follows a series of strikes last year as part of a campaign against initiatives Education Secretary Michael Gove will introduce in Septmeber – including performance-related pay.

Teachers are also against changes to their pensions that will see them working until 68, paying in more and receiving less when they ­retire. And they say long working hours are causing new teachers to quit.

Regular meetings have taken place as union officials and the Department for Education try to come to an agreement, but as yet there has been no resolution.

Mr Gove has said he is “happy” to work with the ­unions over the coming months.

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Rebridge NUT secretary, Kash Mallick, said: “Michael Gove doesn’t care about teachers’ working conditions and this is the only course of action.

“The changes he is looking to make will affect the profession more than anything in the past 30 or 40 years.”