Redbridge schools prepare to mark Anti-Bullying Week

Redbridge schools and police will unite next week to tackle the problem of cyber-bullying with presentations and advice for youngsters.

Anti-Bullying Week will be marked across the country with a particular emphasis this year on bullying online such as through social networking sites.

It is reported by the NSPCC that 46 per cent of young people say they have been bullied at some point in their lives with 38 per cent affected by cyber-bullying.

Almost 30 schools in the borough, both primary and secondary, will be visited by police who will hold presentations on bullying.

Fairlop Primary in Colvin Gardens, Hainault, has been promoting anti-bullying for 10 years.

Leanda Taylor, deputy head, said: “Children can only reach their full potential if they feel they’re in a safe environment, and this is what we provide.”

Redbridge Council will also be doing its bit to help the cause. It will be using social media to highlight the issue, and advice and information will be available from its website.

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Advice to children to prevent online bullying includes not posting information that is too personal such as an address, email address or phone number.

If a child is already being bullied online they should save all messages, posts and pictures sent to them and take a note of the sender.

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