Redbridge residents warned to keep GP records updated

Redbridge residents who have not been to their GP for more than 15 months are being warned to update their details to avoid being taken off the register.

NHS North East London and the City are sending letters to people registered at GP practices in the borough to confirm they still need a doctor in the area.

People must return the form in the included postage-paid envelope as soon as possible to avoid losing their GP.

Alwen Williams, chief executive of NHS North East London and the City, said: “If you do receive a letter, please do respond to let us know that you still live in the area. If you respond you will not be removed from your GP practice list.

“It is really important for us to be able to plan the care we provide to our patients.”

The letter is available at in different languages.

Only people who have not been to their GP for 15 months will receive a letter. If you do not receive a letter, there is no need to reply.

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For help replying call 0800 389 3093 or email