Pupils at Ilford Ursuline Academy debate and vote in mock-up EU referendum

Six students from lford Ursuline High School pictured last year after attending a summer camp where

Six students from lford Ursuline High School pictured last year after attending a summer camp where they learnt to create mobile apps. Audrey Fidegon, Floriane Fidegnon, Xsara Baptiste-Wilson , Katrine Wandj, Valentina Vettore, and Vanessa Madu. - Credit: Archant

Pupils will be able to cast their vote and make their voice heard in a mock-up European Union (EU) referendum next week.

The Year 12 politics pupils at the Ursuline Academy, Morland Road, Ilford, are holding a debate later this week to allow their peers to express their views on the looming EU referendum.

The debate will be followed by a vote, to which the whole school is invited to take part in.

Two groups of 16-year-old pupils representing both the remain and the leave campaign will promote their arguments among other students ahead of the vote, which will be held next Tuesday.

The students will also be responsible to create posters, ballot slips and polling station to match what will happen during the real referendum next week.

Politics and history teacher Heather Mackie said: “The whole class wanted to vote with the remain campaign so I had to force some of them to argue to leave in the debate.”

She explained the politics curriculum for Year 13 focused on EU institutions and the issue of integration and would be good preparation for the girls.

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“A lot of younger girls have been asking me quite a lot of questions about the EU. They are interested but they don’t really know a lot about it. So if their peers pitch the arguments to them, it will be a more balanced way for the girls to form their own opinions,” she said.

Ms Makie also said many of her 16-year-old pupils feel frustrated because they are not able to take part in the vote.

“The younger generations are in favour of remaining and they are those that are going to be affected the most and for a the long time to come,” she said.