Packed lunch pandemonium: Police called to South Woodford primary school over parent’s forgotten lunchbox row

Audrius Tamulionis claimed he was 'desperate for food' (Picture: Chris Radburn)

Audrius Tamulionis claimed he was 'desperate for food' (Picture: Chris Radburn) - Credit: PA Archive/Press Association Ima

A Wanstead dad was stunned when his attempt to drop off his daughter’s forgotten packed lunch at her South Woodford primary school ended with a blazing row that saw the police called out.

The father, who wishes to remain anonymous, had dropped his daughter off at Nightingale Primary School in Ashbourne Avenue on Tuesday, April 2, and returned home when he realised her lunch had been left behind.

Thinking little of it, he grabbed the lunchbox and made his way back to the school.

But the fickle gods of primary school packed lunch policy can be cruel.

The dad claims he was informed by staff in reception that forgotten packed lunches could no longer be accepted by staff and handed to pupils.

Confounded by this bizarre policy, an argument broke out, in which he admits he raised his voice and used one swear word.

The Metropolitan Police were then called to the school.

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A Met spokeswoman confirmed to the Recorder that officers attended the school at 9.28am to investigate “reports of an agitated man”.

She added: “Officers attended and spoke to the man. No offences were disclosed and no arrests made.”

But for the dad, the indignity of having the police called out simply added insult to injury.

He said: “Every year our council tax goes up, we pay all our bills and we never bat an eyelid, all we’re asking for is to be treated with a bit of respect.

“I know that rules are rules, but all I’m trying to do is give my daughter her packed lunch.”

A Redbridge Council spokeswoman said the borough’s primary schools will always “act to protect children, staff and visitors from being subjected to or witnessing unacceptable or aggressive behaviour.”

She also confirmed that since December, Nightingale Primary has not allowed parents to pass on items they may have forgotten or left at home at the beginning of the school day.

She added: “This is to stop the disruption to all children’s learning and has been clearly communicated to all families.

“If a child does not come to school with a packed lunch the parent can decide if the child should be given a school lunch or be home dinners on that day.

“In this case it was the family’s decision to provide lunch at home and the school complied with that request.”