On the roof of the O2: Seven Kings school takes reading to another level

Some might get their adrenalin levels soaring with white knuckle sports, but pupils from a Seven Kings school have been reading their favourite books in some extreme locations.

Students at Aldborough E-ACT Free School, Aldborough Road South, have taken their reading to pulse quivering heights by getting involved in the EXtreme Reading Project.

Children, families, parents and staff have been photographing themselves reading in the most unusual places they can think of.

Four-year-old Aaliyah Mir impressed the judges with her reading while bouncing on a trampoline on holiday in Devon.

English leader Emma Knight said: “The children have really enjoyed challenging each other to find the most unusual places to read. We’ve had children reading at the top of slides, on swings and whilst cleaning their teeth.

“The challenge was a lovely opportunity for parents to have fun with their children and enjoy the love of books and reading.”