Meeting of minds as Italian students visit Ilford school for science project

Students and teachers from IIS Giordano Bruno and Oaks Park High School.

Students and teachers from IIS Giordano Bruno and Oaks Park High School. - Credit: Archant

Innovative energy sources were the subject of a meeting at an Ilford school as it welcomed a group of Italian students last week for a science project.

Children from Oaks Park High School in Oaks Lane and IIS Giordano Bruno School in Perugia enjoyed a two-day session as part of Go Green Europe - which focuses on green chemistry.

The Year 12 students worked together to discuss and present ideas on nanotechnology and innovative energy resources during the sessions.

Kelly Hon, team leader for science at Oaks Park, said: “The visit was very successful, we all had a wonderful few days.

“The students from both countries communicated very well and worked collaboratively on the activities. The teachers found it very instructive to compare schools and lessons.”

Oaks Park students have already visited Austria, Holland and Italy as part of Go Green Europe, part of the Comenius Project, which aims to develop knowledge and understanding of European cultures and languages in young people.

The Italian students gave a talk about nanotechnology and discussed a school and university based project in Perugia that aims to introduce use of Hydrogen fuel instead of fossil fuels.

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