Illegal school extension in Goodmayes must be torn down, councillors rule

Residents from Goodmayes have been left “over the moon” after councillors voted that an illegal extension to a school has to be removed.

The two-storey extension to Mayespark Primary School was built without full planning permission just metres from residents’ fences.

A meeting was held on Monday to discuss the future of the extension and was voted against by the regulatory committee eight to four.

Cllr Jas Athwal, who spoke at the meeting, said: “It was an eventful meeting. The resident made the point we are not against this development but we cannot put it next to a conservation area.”

The expansion was built in May with only outline planning permission as opposed to full planning permission which is required before building can begin.

“The first time the resident knew there was a problem was when the building was being put up,” said Cllr Athwal. “Now the council has ample opportunity to get it right and go about it in the right way taking the environment into consideration.”

The residents said they had received a letter stating they had until May 3 to object to the plans despite work beginning on April 23. Building work stopped in May on the site in Goodmayes Lane.

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Vera Wiseman, from the Seven Kings Bungalow Estate Residents’ Association, said: “We were not hopeful at all that we were going to get it overturned. They [residents] were over the moon at the result. It was good.”

The building was put up over two days and residents say workmen continued construction into the night.

Speaking at the time Raj Sanghera, 60, of Westrow Gardens, said: “Sunday morning we woke up and it was like this, there was nothing there on Saturday night.

“I don’t know how long they were working into the night on it. I couldn’t believe it, I was horrified.”

A council spokesman said: “We are currently reviewing all of its options and are in discussions with the contractor. The planning permission remains in place and a new application to address the concerns of the regulatory committee will be submitted and adjoining neighbours will be consulted.”