Ilford pupils get to pet police pooches

YOUNGSTERS came face to face with two friendly police hounds last week.

Charlie and Derek, both German Shepherds, paid a visit to Cranbrook Primary School in The Drive, Ilford, and impressed youngsters with their sniffing skills.

Pc Colin Nicholson, Derek’s handler, let youngsters step into their uniforms when they handed over police vests and helmets to let them experience life on the beat.

A police spokesman said: “The children were amused to see that Charlie and Derek had their own shoes for when they needed to search areas of rough ground.

“A whole new meaning to the term doggy bag came to light, when the children were shown a specially made coat to show how the dogs could be lifted or lowered to different heights when working.”

PCSO Mick Crouch had organised the event and was delighted at the response from the children.

He and Cranbrook Safer Neighbourhood Team Sergeant, Paul Dwyer, watched on as the dogs performed tricks and sniffed out hidden objects, before being rewarded with a treat.