Ilford Muslim leaders give views on Prophet Mohammed YouTube trailer and violent reaction

A film degrading Islam, and the resulting violence which has erupted over the Middle East, have been condemned by Muslim leaders in Redbridge.

A trailer for the film was put on YouTube in early July but did not cause protests until it was translated into Arabic.

The clip depicts Islam as a religion of violence and hate, and the Prophet Muhammad as an immoral and power driven man who, in one scene, endorses the sexual abuse of children.

Dr Mohammed Fahim, of South Woodford mosque, Mulberry Way, said: “If you want to protest you should write to your MP or to the newspaper to respond to what those people are saying, but don’t use violence as Islam is completely against those types of expression.”

The imam said that the protests do little other than advertise the offensive material.

“Islam is not a violence religion, it’s a religion of peace,” Dr Fahim said.

“The press does not give space to intellectual people and just those involved with violence, the paper does not sell if you have intellectual news.”

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This notion of peaceful protest is echoed by the leader of the Quran Study Group held at the Eman Foundation, Ashrove Road, Goodmayes.

Abdullah Mohammed, who is one of the few people in the UK to have memorised the Quran by heart, said: “I believe that Muslims should not be provoked by such inflammatory material but rather be calm and instead defend the Prophet’s honour with their character and restrained peaceful protest if necessary.”

Parallels to the publication of holiday photos of Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, are made by the chairman of the Ilford Islamic Centre.

Ghazanfar Ali, chairman of the centre in Albert Road, said: “Look at what happened with Kate’s pictures.

“We are talking about 1.4 million Muslims, you are bound to have a reaction, the majority won’t but some will.”