Former Ilford schoolboy searching for classmates from 1953 after photo find

A former Ilford schoolboy is on the hunt for past classmates after unearthing this picture from 1953.

Ian Pal�t, a retired geography teacher, now lives in Chichester but grew up in Ilford Lane.

He said the photo was taken at Cleveland Infant School on a fancy dress day for the Queen’s coronation.

The pupils had dressed up as Commonwealth countries for the day and class seven were Canada.

Mr Pal�t is the fourth from the right in the bottom row.

said: “It was cowboys or Indians and some arrived with the full regalia and some didn’t.

“We went out into the playground and lined up on benches and chairs and they took the photo, that’s all I can remember.”

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Mr Pal�t wants anyone who is in the picture, or can identify any of the children, to get in contact by emailing