Comic book writer welcomed

An award-winning graphic novelist and comic book writer joined pupils at the opening of their new library.

Once Cllr Ashley Kissin, the Mayor of Redbridge, cut the red ribbon to mark the opening of the prep school library, the children at Cranbrook School in Mansfield Road, Ilford, went inside to meet the second special guest.

They listened to talks and took part in workshops with Tony Lee, who is known for work on DC and Marvel comics.

Damia Amir, eight, said: “It was amazing that Tony Lee and the Mayor of Redbridge could manage to come to our school. The talk was exciting and I love the school library.”

The new library is a quiet haven for the children to read and relax.

The design of the room was created and painted by Caroline Forgeron, the head of prep at Cranbrook School, and was inspired by a picture book called The Princess and the Happiness by Ulf Stark and Silke Leffler.

“I wanted to create a special place in the school where children can really find pleasure in reading and let their imagination take them to another world,” said Mrs Forgeron.

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“We are very grateful to all the parents and staff who have donated new books to this latest development at Cranbrook School.”