Clayhall snake “10ft” long and it could still be on the loose

A snake found by a woman in her garden was “10ft” long.

The resident, who lives in Strafford Avenue, Clayhall, discovered the snake curled up in the corner of her garden shed on Sunday.

She phoned the RSPCA to report the sighting and was told to keep it contained and they would come and collect it.

But the snake managed to escape out of a window which was left open.

The snake, which has only been described as khaki coloured and about 10ft long, is thought to belong to someone locally.

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Klare Kennett, of RSPCA south east, said: “It is likely that the snake may have found its way home, especially as the weather is getting colder.”

There are so far no reported snakes missing in the area.

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